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About the breed

The Kennel Club Standard for the English Setter points out that the temperament must be intensely friendly and good natured. This makes the E S as most suitable as a family member and especially in families with children as the E S is always trustworthy and loves children. The first two years though, the E Ss interest for fun and games sometimes exceeds its will to obey so it needs a firm hand. But as time passes by the E S becomes more and more gentlemanlike.

The affectionate nature makes it always wanting to be close to you and it follows you around wherever you go. Therefore it needs training to be left alone at home from an early start.

In Sweden we are few who have this lovely breed but one thing is very striking ones you have got an English Setter you stick with the breed even though you sometimes have to wait for a puppy for a very long time.

About the breed